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Our Team


Meet the team

The project's initiators are experienced aerospace and business professionals, with a passion for space travel. They are dedicated to the development of space travel as a commercial means of transport. Moreover, they are excited about participating in pioneering scientific research into space and space travel. Coming from different relevant backgrounds and having gathered many years of experience in leading roles, these men are very dependable and particularly well equipped for this ambitious space venture. In joining forces, they have created a strong team with extensive knowledge of both aerospace and commerce. They are ready for space. Are you?




Ben Droste - Founding Partner | Chairman of Supervisory Board

Flown over 4,000 hours in different types of military aircrafts, with almost 1,000 hours in the F-16. He was part of the Royal Netherlands Air Force from 1962 to 2000, when he retired as Commander in Chief. He has been involved as a Chairman of the Netherlands Agency for Aerospace Programmes, Dean and Professor of the Aerospace Faculty of the Technical University in Delft and ESA Advisory Board Member. Currently, Ben Droste is Chairman of the Fokker – van den Berch van Heemstede Aerospace Foundation and member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Netherlands Defense Academy.

Michiel Mol - XCOR Board Member

Michiel Mol is one of Europe’s most successful e-businessmen of the past decade. Having graduated from Leiden University with a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics, he started his own company Lost Boys international (LBi). In addition, he founded Media Republic and Guerilla Games. Michiel is also a co‑owner and board member of ForceIndia Formula One Team and member of the Advisory Board of The Communication Company.

Maarten Elshove - Global Vice President

After earning his degree in Law at Leiden University, Maarten Elshove started his career in finance. Having worked at various large corporations, such as ABN Amro and KPMG, he developed his entrepreneurial skills and became the director and owner of MaxCredible, which grew out to be a leading firm in customer credit management software. Currently, Maarten Elshove is co-owner of MM Ventures.

Harry van Hulten - Founding Partner I Experimental Test Pilot

Van Hulten completed his bachelor degree in Engineering at the Royal Military Academy in Breda. He rapidly gained a great amount of experience as a pilot, flying various types of airplanes. He has flown over 3,000 hours in 42 different types of aircrafts, including various high performance fighters, with 2,600 hours in the F-16. Having completed the Euro NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training and the F-16 Weapons Instructor Course, he became an experimental test pilot at USAF Test Pilot School, in a highly exclusive preparatory program for NASA pilot-astronauts.

Rogier Kroymans - Global Sales Director

Rogier Kroymans is responsible for the overall sales strategy and he is in charge of all global sales activities.

Having spent a great part of his career marketing either high-end luxury goods or sustainable innovations, Kroymans is pleased to finally be able to combine both at our company.

“What appeals to me most is the fact that our customers are pioneers, I look forward to working with them!”

Peter van Rooy - Global Sales Manager

As a graduate of Nyenrode Business School and former member of the management team at Spyker N.V., Peter is experienced in luxury consumer products in global markets and new business opportunities. He has dealt with the most discerning connoisseurs on a daily basis. He oversees the global network of Space Agents and accelerates commercial growth momentum through the acquisition of corporate accounts.


Marlous Mens – Marketing Manager

Marlous Mens is responsible for laying the commercial foundations of the organization and business development and she is our main contact for partners. Previously, Marlous worked in commercial real estate and was actively involved in producing various television programs.

Marjolijn Honingh - Manager of Operations

Marjolijn Honingh is the Manager of Operations at Ground Control. She is responsible for the operations and makes sure that everything works out perfectly. Prior to working at with us, Marjolijn was working in the B2B event organizing sector and in several operational staff functions at IT and event companies.

Cees Faes - Creative Director

Cees Faes is the branding and communications strategist at the company, with expertise in brand activations and affiliated marketing programs. He is dedicated to safeguarding our brand and making it the strongest possible platform for every A-brand partner in the world… and beyond!

Eva van Pelt - PR Manager

Experienced PR & Communications officer, previously active in Formula 1, among other high-speed pursuits. Realized at a certain point in her career that real excitement only starts at Mach 3. Taking press relations to another level --100 kilometers and up -- Eva has an answer to every question and she never sleeps.

Kimberly Kalesaran - Marketing & Brand Associate

Kimberly is part of our Marketing and Sales team. She works mostly in developing branding and marketing content for XCOR Space Expeditions and our affiliates. Before joining us, she studied Industrial Design Engineering, with a Master in Strategic Product Design, at the Technical University of Delft, where she graduated on the development of our Spaceports Experience Centers.

Marco Martinez-Venturi – Astronaut Relations

Becoming an astronaut means a lot of extra work. Planning your training missions, arranging the special ops you would like to attend, journalists asking you for all kinds of background material and high school lovers that are trying to get back in touch with you. Except for the latter, Marco is there to assist you. With the passion you would expect from someone being half Italian, half Spanish, and virtually in every language you can think of.     

Esther Cordes - Ground Control

Esther Cordes has been the personal assistant to Michiel Mol for more than 10 years, standing right behind him in his exciting projects. At our HQ, she also assists the Management Team and supports the Sales and Marketing Team as Mission Support.

Leoni Rozenga - Astronaut Coordinator

Leoni Rozenga is our Astronaut Coordinator.

Maryse Polman - Legal Counsel

Maryse is our legal counsel and is responsible for all legal matters. She has studied notarial law and Dutch law at the Radboud University Nijmegen. Prior to joining us she has gained more than 13 years work experience as a deputy civil law notary and as a lawyer within several renowned medium-sized law firms. There, she worked mainly on mergers & acquisitions, corporate law and commercial contracting. 


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