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Space Programs


Are you ready to travel into space with us? Please find our various exciting options below. We offers three different astronaut programs:

Founder Astronauts – the first 100 people to travel into space

The first program is the exclusive Founder Astronaut Program. Only 100 people have the privilege to be part of this program. Founders will make the very first flights into actual space (100 km+), from Spaceport Curaçao. Many have already signed up for the Founder Astronaut Program, including Victoria’s Secret model Doutzen Kroes and the world’s number one DJ Armin van Buuren.

It is still possible for you to join the exclusive club of 100 Founder Astronauts. You can be one of the first 100 astronauts to experience space flight on the Lynx Mark II. By signing up for the Founder Astronaut Program, you will enjoy exclusive extras, such as a complimentary optional training mission, invites for events and trips (roll out party, test flights,), and a three-night stay in one of the finest hotels close to the Spaceport.

As soon as all 100 Founder Astronaut tickets are sold, we will organize a great space event, including a big raffle. The results will determine which Founder Astronaut will be our very first to travel into space, who will be number 2, 3, …….100.  Founder Astronauts make a direct payment of $100,000 within seven days after signing the contract. 


Future Astronaut program

The second program is the Future Astronaut Program. After all Founder Astronauts have traveled into space, Future Astronauts are next. A slot number will be assigned after you sign the contract. This program also includes a two-night stay in a luxury hotel. Future Astronauts make a payment of $50,000 within 7 days of contract signing. The remaining $50,000 can be paid a few months prior to the actual flight.



For those of you who cannot wait until the Founder Program, we offer Pioneers the option to fly to 61 km high with our Lynx Mark I. Launching from Mojave Spaceport, you will have the privilege of experiencing the excitement of traveling on a spacecraft before everyone else. You can acquire your Pioneer Astronaut Ticket for $100,0000, with 50% to be paid upon signing the contract and 50% three months prior to your flight.


For the slot numbers #1 up to #20 please contact our sales department directly (





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