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Space exploration




Did you ever dream of going to space when you were little?

Well, now you can and you do not even have to be an astronaut in order to partake in space exploration. Space exploration has been an important factor for many countries throughout history. As technologies have become better and more advanced space exploration is being made available to those that want to pay for a commercial space exploration adventure. The discovery and exploration of outer space have been of interests to many since the early 20 th century and is the physical exploration of space by using both human spaceflights and robotic spacecraft. Space exploration became a feasible possibility during the early 20 th century when efficient rockets were developed. Although astronomy has been around since before history was recorded space exploration became a possibility in the early 1900s.


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Space exploration has been used throughout history as a way for political competitions between different countries. The best know instance of this is the United States’ competition known as the “Space Race” against the Soviet Union to see who could launch the first man-made object into Earth’s orbit. Following the initial stages of space exploration there have been several major and key events. In July 1969 Apollo 11 landed on the moon was one of the United States’ first accomplishments, for the Soviet Union it was putting the first living being in orbit in 1957, human spaceflight in 1961, and the first spacewalk in 1965, first automatic landing on a different celestial body in 1966, and launching the first space station in 1971. 



Commercial space travel

Throughout the years all of these amazing evelopments in science that allowed for space exploration to be possible simply fueled the imaginations of many. Children and adults alike wondered what was out there in the great unknown and if they would ever be a part of  exploring space. For many they never thought that it would be possible, however in the 1990s private interests began to promote space tourism. Many corporations began to explore the idea of commercial space flights and space exploration which gives the average individual the opportunity to explore space. Space Expedition Corporation or SXC is on such corporation that offers commercial space travel. They use a two person space shuttle to launch one pilot- astronaut and one spaceflight participant or you into space. 

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In order to go on a space exploration mission with SXC you must first complete your astronaut training so that you can be properly prepared for your spaceflight. The training includes the Desdemona simulator, flying in the L-39 Albatros jet, mission tactics courses, G-centrifuge which helps prepare you for high G-levels, and a zero-G flight which helps you get ready for being weightless. If you ever had a dream once of being an astronaut and exploring space than SXC can help that dream come true. They offer commercial space exploration trips with different options to choose from. Flights are available in 2013 and 2014 and you get trained on how to be an astronaut! Exploring space has been something that most have always had an interest in with SXC you gets firsthand space exploration experiences. 


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