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4 x XR-5K18 

Liquid Fueled re-ignitable rocket engines

designed to be used over 5.000 times

Composite body

For minimum weight

720 kg fueltank

For highly sustainable bio-jetfuel

Science pots

Room to conduct scientific experiments on every flight

2 Crew Cockpit

Offering the passenger a true

co-pilot astronaut experience

45.2 ft² canopy

Designed to offer crew an
unobstructed view

Heat protection system

For safely absorbing

re-entry heat build-up



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The XCOR Lynx is a special spacecraft indeed. We have selected the Lynx Mark I and Lynx Mark II for a number of remarkable specs that offer its passengers the ultimate space experience:


You are not a passenger, you are the co –pilot

The Lynx carries only two people; the pilot-astronaut and you, the spaceflight participant, in the right seat. You are in the best seat, up front with all the action, watching every move of the pilot. You are truly part of the mission, not just cargo. This also means that you will be given a suitable “call sign,” a pilot nickname. And, just like any other pilot, you will have no say in this at all.


A giant canopy

We understand that you did not travel this far to look at the Earth through a tiny airline window. Therefore, the Lynx cockpit canopy is approximately 4 square meters, making it the most impressive theater in the world (and beyond). It offers the widest view possible.


It is self-propelled

Thanks to its four powerful rocket engines, the Lynx does not depend on a mother ship to slowly take it to a high altitude launch environment. In the Lynx the experience starts immediately, from T+1. Lynx Mark II reaches Mach 1 at T+60 seconds, and Mach 2.9 at T+180 seconds.


Lynx mark II facts







Max. thrust:

Canopy surface:

27.9 feet

24.0 feet

7.22 feet

2 (incl. pilot)

4 x XR-5K18 Liquid Fueled re-ignitable

rocket engines

11,600 lbs

45.2 ft2


It is simple

The Lynx design is simple, which makes it safe and economical. This enables us to offer well-priced tickets, and make space accessible to many more  people than ever before.




It is sustainable

A lot of thought has gone into building an environmentally friendly spacecraft. Lynx is constructed of lightweight materials, and is powered by common bio-fuels and reusable rocket propulsion. The Lynx rocket engines are designed for more than 5,000 flights, a breakthrough in the history of rocket development.


It is more than just a glider

After reaching maximum altitude, the Lynx will glide unpowered back to Earth. However, one of the unique characteristics of the Lynx is that the pilot can choose to switch the rocket engine on again during the flight. This is a singular advantage in terms of flexibility and flight safety.


It is a scientific platform

The Lynx will carry out scientific programs on almost every flight. So while you are enjoying a life-changing experience, you may also contribute to scientific research with great potential to benefit mankind.


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